1. Anita

    This looks like small sample pieces of cloth to help you choose the material you want to buy. So this was probably in a shop selling curtain / upholstery material and these are what are called “swatches” of cloth.

  2. Nurcan

    JEAH, a riddle 🙂 Wonderful surprise on a long day. Lutz, I imagine these to be many colorful bookmarks! [but I suspect they are not… Could “temple” be a useful keyword?]

  3. Nurcan

    Ah, then I know 🙂 But will keep silent and wait until somebody else finds out or until you show us the entire photo 😉 Maybe another hint for the other guessers: if these “things” are used correctly for what they are “intended”, then they have the potential to lead you to the really “TRUE” colors – as Lutz has wisely chosen the topic of his riddle. Silence…:-)

  4. Susanne

    Reminds me a bit on prayer flags that I saw in Nepal… but sure looks different… I am waiting for the final explanation… 🙂

  5. Nurcan

    Ah, just wanted to remind you that we are waiting for the solution 🙂 So, how are these “flags” used? And since there is text on it: are these pre-definied prayers? If so: what if I would like to ask God for something else? Question after question…;-)

    • Nurcan, yes these little flags had imprints like “Wishes come true”, “Being together forever”, “Success in everything”. The tin box on the upper picture shows the collection, each little flag is 1 Malaysian Ringgit (approx. 0,21 EUR) People added / perzonalized these flags with hand written statements I couldn’t read, they were in Chinese! 🙂

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