I love to travel as it is inspiring and gives so much insight into so many aspects of our world, life, culture and societies. One nice linking aspect I found recently when traveling around Asturias – a principality in northern Spain – came to my mind when I explored some rural sites where hórreos (from Latin horreum) where shown, which are storehouses for grain.DSC_6684a





My brain made the immediate linkage to the  “Chocolate Sandwich Cookies” branded “Oreo” phonetically. When looking it up in Wikipedia the article says, that the origin of the name isn’t known. Maybe it is derived from Orreo, as cookies contain (store) grain as well and the old Portuguese form of hórreos is “orreo”  … who knows …?

On February 15th, Oreo, the World's Favorite Cookie, asks fans around the world to join in its attempt to set the Guinness World Records(R) mark for the "Most 'likes' on a Facebook post in 24 hours." (CNW Group/Kraft Foods)




  1. Nurcan

    What a nice kind of riddle at the end of a long day! I just looked up ” horreum” in my Latin dictionary (ah, how much I love its smell…) and yes, your translation (from Wikipedia? 😉 is correct. But I think that “oreo” comes from another Latin word which is “aureus” for “golden; made out of gold; like gold”. Just look at its shape that is like a gold coin (let alone the “golden” success for its inventors…). So, “Oreo” is simply the anglo-american pronounciation of “aureus”. Also, don’t forget that oreo was produced first in 1912 (which I just learned from the FAQ on the Oreo-website where I hoped to find the real truth…;-) In these days the ingredients (particularly chocolate) were scarce, expensive and valuable like gold. And lucky people with access to oreo were surely very happy – just as if they had received a piece of gold…. Ah – what a long reply. Hope you are convinced…. 🙂

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